Liveable – Defining 'MVP' from insights, prototyping UX and designing UI

Liveable is a web application that helps you rent out your apartment as well as insure it during the period. Liveable makes it easy and safe to rent again.


Designing the 'MVP' from insights, prototyping UX, designing UI
With valuable data gained from an early prototype we formed a ’Minimum viable product’.  The service have two key users and use cases. The Landlord and the Tenant. As a landlord you can set up a housing contract and the Liveable guarantee that is the core business for the service. The Tenant flow is pull based, therefore we defined creating a contract and the Landlord as primary use case and user. The Tenant flow as secondary.

As a Landlord we found out that the users wanted:

  • ”Liveable should hold my hand through the journey”
  • ”Tell me what to do – don't give me different options”
  • "Provide me an overview of the process"

By making the on boarding answer two important questions we could customise the user journey for the user when logged in. First if you are the Tenant or the Landlord and if you already have a contract that is signed or you need to create a digital contract. 

For the Landlord we made it easy to create a contract through a simple form with a lot of help, feedback together with a  complete overview of the steps.

For the Tenants we found out that:

  • Users was confused when we communicated with broader communication for both use cases at the same time
  • Users wondered what is for free and what do cost
  • The users don´t read longer chunks of text – they navigate better with symbols

In the Tenant user flow we identified it to be important to be fail safe. It should be super clear what the user is supposed to do. We designed away as many options as possible in their journey.


Following up:

In June we are releasing the Beta to gain insights. We will follow up how the users interact with Hotjar and will also do user tests in order to refine the product to the next release in late August.

Methods used:

  • Qualitive interviews and user tests of prototype
  • Focus interviews


Tim Holmberg (UX/UI designer, Fredrik Stockman (Project lead, backend), Pascal Chatterjee (Backend),  Iaroslav Mamalat (Frontend), Martina Hessel (Liveable), Felix Hessel (Liveable),  Affairs (Branding and insights)